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Edifier R2750DB Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Set - Black


The Edifier R2750DB 2.0 system is updated tribute to its highly acclaimed predecessor model, the R2730DB. Enhanced with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity for audio playback, this three way Trip-amp audio solution is built to deliver high performance audio in a robust 2.0 package. The system utilises professional audio processor from Texas Instruments that offer sophisticated processing including electronic crossover, speaker compensation and dynamic range control carried on in the audio DSP to make the amplifier perfectly match the speaker system.

The total 136 watts of output power creates deep, robust bass from the 6 1/2 inch bass driver and clear treble and high notes from the 4 inch mid-range and 3/4 inch tweeters. The front mounted bass reflex port with carefully calibrated cross-section helps to extend the low frequency effect and eliminates air turbulence at the same time. The MDF wooden housing keeps the speaker system thoroughly grounded for boisterous volumes whilst reducing acoustic resonance.

• 3-way powered bookshelf speakers
• Bluetooth V4.1 with CSR technology
• Sub-out for an independent subwoofer
• Calibrated bass reflect port in front of the speaker cabinet
• 5 pin bi-amplifying XLR type speaker cable with angle connectors
• Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal Processing and electronic tone control technology

• Power output: R/L (Treble): 14W+14W, R/L (Mid-range): 14W+14W, R/L (Bass): 40W+40W
• Frequency response: 45Hz-20KHz
• Input: Line in/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth
• Bass unit: 6½ inch (178mm)
• Mid-range unit: 4 inch (116mm)
    • Treble unit: ¾ inch (19mm) NdFeB
   • Speaker Dimensions: 217 x 390 x 275mm (W x H x D)