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Edifier M2290BT 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker Set - Black


The M2290BT powered desktop 2.0 speakers is designed to fit small spaces without compromising on big sound. Enjoy this slick product in gloss finish designed to be versatile and easily adapted to the user’s lifestyle. A simple power source ensures set up is easy while you may choose between AUX input in the front panel of the speaker or via Bluetooth to play your tunes. A headphone jack on the front of the speaker lends to its versatility at all times.

With a total power output at 20W, this powered speaker system is perfect for students, dorm rooms and small computer setups.

• 2.0 multimedia desktop speaker
• 2 3/4 inch (70mm) full-range unit delivers incredible sound
• Back-facing bass reflex port to improve low frequency response
• Total RMS 20W output power
• Power button & volume knob located on active speaker for easy access
• Bluetooth, AUX input and built-in headphones jack

• Power output: RMS 10W × 2
• Noise level:  ≤25dB(A)
• Frequency response: 75Hz~20KHz
• Input sensitivity: AUX: 450±50mV
• Input type: AUX/USB/Headphone jack
• Treble unit: 2¾ inch (70mm)
• Input : AUX, Bluetooth
• Dimensions: 121mm x 244mm x 159mm (WxHxD)