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Edifier CineSound Bluetooth B7 Soundbar System - Black


Smooth and slim, the B7 Bluetooth soundbar is designed for elegance and entertainment. Its metre long design incorporates four speaker units and two tweeters for luxurious performance. A built-in smart feature knows when a movie or TV show finishes and after 10 minutes of inactivity sets Edifier’s B7 on standby.

Adjust the CineSound B7 to what your ears desire. With built-in controls on the soundbar, easily adjust volume, power and input selection or use the wireless remote. Edifier’s Bluetooth B7 also features three pre-sets. With a simple click your sound is set for watching movies, the news or surround sound.

Designed for your home needs, easily connect any device with the versatile options the B7 provides. Its Bluetooth 4.0 capability allows you to connect any device to your speaker. Its 10-metre range lets you place the device anywhere you want without loosing connection. Connect multiple devices at the same time through optical, coaxial, AUX or through 2 RCA analogue audio inputs. You have the freedom to connect your TV and DVD at the same time.

• Soundbar speaker with 5.8GHz wireless subwoofer
• Bluetooth 4.0 technology with A2DP and AVRCP
• Optical / Coaxial digital audio inputs
• 2 x RCA analogue audio inputs
• Pre-set audio modes for music, movie, and news
• Tri-amplifying system with DSP, DRC audio processors
• 8 inch subwoofer, 2 3/4 inch aluminium diaphragm mid-range and 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter

• Power Output : RMS 16W×2 (Treble) +19W×2 (Mid-range) + 75W (Bass)
• Signal to noise ratio :  ≥85dBA
• Frequency response : 48Hz~20kHz (±6dB)
• Input sensitivity : Line in: Main speaker: 500 ± 50mV SW: 150 ± 50mV AUX: Main speaker: 350± 50mV SW: 150 ± 50mV OPT, COA: Main speaker: 400mFFs ± 50mFFs SW: 100mFFs±50mFFs
Input type : Auxiliary/Line in/Coaxial/Optical/Bluetooth
• Bass driver : 8” (210mm)
• Mid-range driver : 2 ” (70mm)
• Treble driver : 19mm silk dome tweeter
• Soundbar dimensions : 1000 x 79 x 80 mm